Our Mission

With These Hands is a non-profit organization that offers support, relief and financial assistance to families in need in order to provide a season of help for a lifetime of hope.


About WTH

Since experiencing the emotional turmoil of her daughter Noël’s fight with a rare form of brain cancer, Teresa has seen first hand the gaps in care for patients in need of help with rehabilitation and related expenses in her family’s fight to return her daughter to total and complete health.


With These Hands, Inc., in a non-profit organization whose goal is to

provide resources to families who have medical needs that might not be covered by governmental and medical institutions.


Gap Standers

We can stand in a gap with a sword in our hands to defend and protect the vulnerable. We clasp our hands together to span a gap. We can extend our hands to care for and lift up those that have fallen in a gap. And with our hands we can give financially; because the comfort that having basic needs met, while in the midst of the struggle, warms the soul, encourages the heart and gives hope to the mind and body.

Then we can stand and applaud the strength, the courage and the love that we have witnessed…with these hands.

We are all…hoping to do a little good.”

                  -John Adams



Teresa Taylor | President and CEO of With These Hands Inc.

President/CEO: Teresa Taylor is a songwriter/vocalist/musician/producer who has been directly involved in music industry for most of her life.


  • Vice-President: Michael R. Taylor, Owner- 5 Stones Productions/Michael R. Taylor Construction
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Noël Miller
  • Executive Director: Cathy Matthewson
  • Board Member:  Bret Mileski, Owner- Ackland Media Frames
  • Board Member: John Wiltse, Educator- special needs children