Gap Standers

“POSITIVE”… That’s how this story began…

Noël’s positive pregnancy test presaged a Molar Pregnancy that developed into Choriocarcinoma which caused Gestational Trophoblastic Tumors. Months of ever increasing levels of Chemotherapy allayed the Cancer into a brief remission. Without warning Noël suffered a total of seven Cerebral Hemorrhages that necessitated four Craniotomies in nine days…the Choriocarcinoma had returned with a vengeance; multiple Tumors in her brain.

After enduring (surviving) seven Radiation Treatments to her brain; eighteen weeks of a High Dose Chemotherapy Cocktail and numerous setbacks (including a Medically Induced Coma due to severe Brainstorming) the wonderfully amazing Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff had done all that they could do and almost seven months after she was first admitted to the hospital, the Medical Community sent her home to live comfortably drugged up as a vegetable or to die.

She came home with a Tracheotomy and all the supporting equipment; a Feeding Tube in her stomach and a Needle in her leg for the Automated Dosing of Delaudid and in need of 24/7 care.

The hospital staff of remarkable Doctors, Nurses and supporting members of the Medical Community did everything that they could to help Noël survive and they did an exceptional job. However, it quickly became glaringly apparent that we needed help with all the things that went through the gaps that made this extremely stressful circumstance even more so. There is an unfortunate truth to the aphorism, “The Devil is in the details” and that is where the Devil seems to revel.

Gratefully, we are not alone in this struggle. So many people have helped with their time, money, prayers and support. Unfortunately, we are not alone in the “Heartbreaking Tragedy Zone” either. It is humbling, encouraging and distressing all at the same time, to meet so many others that are either walking or have walked a similar path through the “HTZ”.

The “Good News” is; Noël has had her Tracheotomy Tube and her Feeding Tube removed. She is “using her words” and though painfully so, now has had limited movement of her limbs. We have recruited a personal trainer to get her ready for the next big step; Outpatient Physical Therapy.

The “Hard News” is; vulnerability at the hospital was fairly limited. Highly skilled Medical Professionals “circled the wagons” and “stood in the gaps” when there was an emergency or help was needed. At home, there are far more gaps and far less wagons to circle and vulnerability is chronic.

I looked for someone to stand up for me…and stand in the gap…”          Ezekiel 22:30 (MSG)

Sometimes there are just too many gaps for one family to fill. We want to be “Gap Standers” and stand in the gaps. We invite you to do the same; spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

With These Hands: We can stand in a gap with a sword in our hands to defend and protect the vulnerable. We clasp our hands together to span a gap. We can extend our hands to care for and lift up those that have fallen in a gap. And with our hands we can give financially; because the comfort that having basic needs met, while in the midst of the struggle, warms the soul, encourages the heart and gives hope to the mind and body.

Then we can stand and applaud the strength, the courage and the love that we have witnessed…with these hands.

We are all…hoping to do a little good.”

-John Adams