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Meet our Vice President


Michael has traveled to almost every state in the country on a motorcycle. He earned a degree in Theology. He has built some truly amazing homes for some truly amazing people. He is the Founder of 5 Stones Productions.

Michael had the serendipitous experience of being able to live on a vineyard in Napa, California for a couple of years where he became a lifelong student of the wonderfully enchanted alchemy of the culinary arts.

My Story

Michael enjoys fly fishing, walking anywhere, music production and playing his sweet 5-string Alembic bass guitar. Michael has the privilege and honor of being part of a wonderfully eclectic tribe of family and friends that support him and excel at keeping him humble.
Michael has also written the “One of Us” trilogy inspired by Joan Osborne’s song “One of Us”. What if God decided to come back down to earth again and walk around as “One of Us”; what if…?
The first book of the trilogy, “One of Us/The Adventures of Al O’heem, explores the humanity of God and His insatiable desire to engender loving relationships with His creation.
The second book of the trilogy, “Civil Wars/Changing of the Guard”, explores the supernatural authority of God on the earth and what goes on in the unseen world of angels and demons, spirits and voodoo, witches and warrior priests.
The third book in the trilogy, S.O.S./At the End of All Things, explores the authority of “The God of the Angel Armies” in heaven and on earth and the powerful alliance between angels and humans as we “Fight not against flesh and blood, but we fight against principalities and powers. The spiritually wicked rulers of darkness in high places.”
Michael has also written “Snake Oil 101/Selling the Divine, which is a short rant on “Faith, Hope and Love”.


Michael  recently finished his first book in the “Reluctant Senpai” series:

Finding and walking a new path.

It's all about the process.

It's the struggle that gives meaning to life.

Learning the art of living and ending well.

When the student is ready the Teacher appears.

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