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Meet our Advisor


Phyllis knew at very early age that she wanted a career in which she dedicated herself to the service of others. She made the decision at the age of 16 to become a nurse. This decision was a result of her belief of the mission of Jesus Christ to be of service to others. 

Phyllis completed her initial nursing education in 1990 she later returned to completed her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on nursing education, and currently is working towards completion of her Doctorate of Nursing.

My Story

After completing her initial nursing education in 1990, she started her career as a nurse. She started in long-term care in which she was exposed to caring for the elderly and disabled adults. She eventually progressed her career toward caring for patients in an acute care settings where she cared for women with  gynecological health conditions and those being treated for cancer. Although she loved caring for women, she explored other areas of nursing; such as, Emergency department, Critical Care Units, Cardiac, Neurological, Burn and trauma. 

Phyllis took advantage of every opportunity that nursing afforded her. She spent some years recovering patients in the post anesthesia care units as well as using her critical care nursing  experience as a rapid response nurse in which she assisted both patients and nurses to minimize prolonged stays. She was recognized as a natural leader for her ability to work effectively and encourage all members of the healthcare team to deliver a high quality of care in any clinical setting. 

Phyllis was encouraged by her mentors to pursue a role in nursing leadership in which, after one interview, she was offered a role as a nursing leader. Although, she had never imagined herself to have any aspirations of being a nurse leader, she felt this was another opportunity to explore a new area of nursing. But she also recognized that this was a really great chance to use her experience to encourage, empower and educate nurses to become patient-care advocates by providing patient-centered care and deliver a high quality of care that improved patient care outcomes. This led her to a role as a Patient Care Safety Specialist in which she and the Quality Team ensure safety in the clinical setting by building quality improvement processes, policy adherence, delivery of care, investigation of organization events.

Later, Phyllis completed her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on nursing education, and currently is working towards completion of her Doctorate of Nursing. She wholeheartedly believes that each and every patient has the right to receive the highest level of care, with results of  improved patient care outcomes and empowers the patient to participate in their care and build a healthier lifestyle. Phyllis has always been an advocate of both patient and nurses. She has worked collaboratively with many diverse groups both in clinical setting, academics and community groups.

Phyllis feels that  her decision as a young girl to follow the mission of Christ  has given her a career in which she loves, but also she feels blessed that she has been able to use her God given talents and skills to help others. She remains enthusiastic as to where her career will take her next.


When she is not nursing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and adult children as well as with friends and loved ones. 

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